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Buying a car can be a stressful experience. Not only do you want a good deal, but you also need the confidence of safety and reliability.

The financial investment in a new car is not a viable option for many people. They are concerned that buying a new car will put too much of a strain on their budget.

The good news is that Nissan has several used car options that fit the need of affordable pricing as well as a solid, dependable car.

Let's take a look at some of Nissan's best used car models for your next vehicle purchase.
Why Choose Used

In the past, people were worried about buying a used car. That is not the case anymore. Cars are built better and last longer than ever before.

Since depreciation occurs as soon as a new car leaves the lot, buying used is almost always a better decision. Your car buying money goes further.

In addition, you can now afford the perks you have wanted in your new ride. You will not have to sacrifice the extras just to be able to afford a vehicle.

There are also certified pre-owned options that bring peace of mind when buying a used car today. These can offer warranties and protections to cover your vehicle and some even offer roadside assistance and loaner vehicles in emergencies.

Years ago, it was risky to purchase a used car because you really had no idea of its performance history. Today, with reviews on just about every car and a CarFax sheet available upon request, you can receive up-to-date valuable information on the model in general and the specific car itself.

In addition to the cost of the car being lower, the insurance and possibly even the registration cost will also be cheaper on a used vehicle.

Here are even more reasons why buying used is a smart idea.

With proper research, buying a used car, especially a Nissan, is a wise investment that can keep you on the road for years.
Nissan's Record

As a car manufacturer, Nissan rates at, or the near the top, on several categories.

With a score of 7.7 out of 10, Nissan ranks as a superior car in overall top performance. This outcome provides buying confidence for those in the used car market.

Safety is also a big concern with putting a used car on the road today. Nissan pulls in an impressive 9.1 out of 10 for its safety features. Knowing your family will be safe in one of these cars is a huge selling point.

Nissan also has superior fuel economy.

You want affordability, performance, and safety, but comfort also plays a part in your used car buying decision. You spend so much of your time on the road, being comfortable is important. Nissan has a 7.7 out of 10 when it comes to comfort, so you will always know your ride will be enjoyable.
What Is the Best Used Car Choice With Nissan

The right pre-owned Nissan vehicle for you will depend on your preference in style, size and look. Let's review the top options.
2014 Maxima

The 2014 Maxima is Nissan's flagship. It has a strong engine, handles well, and many consider it to be a performance sedan.

It has is a strong reliability rating and a top-notch interior. The focus of this car is a combination of comfort and performance.
2014 Rogue

As a crossover SUV, the 2014 Rogue provides great fuel economy. It has an abundance of cargo space and an impressive cabin area. The 2014 model sports an upgraded interior and more powerful engine.
2014 Altima

The 2014 Altima has received high praise as a top used car. It boasts a strong acceleration with superb handling and impressive fuel economy. The Altima also is known for its upscale car interior.
2012 Cube

This innovative hatchback is a great choice for city driving with good fuel economy.

The wraparound window provides expansive views and also brings in abundant sunshine. There is plenty of both cargo space and room for passengers. It has a solid construction and offers a smooth ride.
2012 Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is one of the most popular all-electric cars on the market. It can get up to 80 miles on a single charge. The small size makes it great for city driving and easy maneuvering.

Many new buyers of the Leaf are surprised by the comfortable and quiet ride.
2012 and 2013 Murano

The Murano is Nissan's popular midsize crossover SUV. It has plenty of power and an upgraded interior. The 2012 model is noted for the power in its V6 and critics like the variable transmission.

The 2013 version has slightly better gas mileage and does not sacrifice any of that power. Nissan also made improvements in the agility and performance of the 2013.

Both year models have excellent steering capabilities.
2012 Frontier

In the small truck category, the Nissan Frontier may not be a name you hear all that much, but it is consistently in the top four picks of compact trucks.

It has a powerful engine, roomy interior and does great off-roading. It has a towing capacity of 6500 lbs and comes in front-wheel or four-wheel drive.
2014 Quest

The 2014 Quest ranks #4 for minivans partly due to the tight steering and strong braking system. The interior is made of quality material and offers superior comfort.
The Bottom Line

Everyone loves to have a new car. The trick is to buy a new-to-you car that has been previously owned.

The average car on the road today is over ten years old. The estimate is for that number is expected to rise. Cars are built to last longer, and if you take care of your vehicle, it can provide years of service.

Nissan has a proven track record with many outstanding vehicles at an affordable price.

When you are looking for a smooth ride, top-notch features, stylish interiors, and superior handling, Nissan is a best-used car pick for you.

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